All Systems Go

Released : May, 1988
Produced by : Dana Strum & Vinnie Vincent
Time : 55:36

01 Ashes To Ashes (5:02) Vincent
02 Dirty Rhythm (3:37) Vincent
03 Love Kills * (5:33) Vincent
04 Naughty Naughty (3:29) Vincent
05 Burn (4:37) Vincent
06 Let Freedom Rock ** (5:30) Vincent
07 That Time Of Year (4:42) Vincent
08 Heavy Pettin' (4:10) Vincent
09 Ecstasy (4:35) Vincent
10 Deeper And Deeper (3:54) Vincent
11 Breakout (3:59) Vincent
12 The Meltdown (CD Bonus Track) (1:59) Vincent
13 "Ya Know"-I'm Pretty Shot (CD Bonus Track) (3:50) Vincent

(various) original release 1988 by Chrysalis

USA     : Chrysalis - LP - 209-11
USA     : Chrysalis - LP - OV-41626
Japan  : Chrysalis - LP - TOCP-7973
Europe : Chrysalis - compact disc / LP - 259119
UK       : Chrysalis - LP - CHR-1626
UK *** : Zoom Club Records - compact disc - ZCRCD68 (reissue May 22, 2001)
UK *** : Zoom Club Records - 2 CD digi boxset - ZCRCD86BOX click here for full details
USA     : EMI/Capitol - CD (digitally remastered) - 81493 (released June 24, 2003)

Band line-up :

Vinnie Vincent (guitars)
Dana Strum (bass)
Bobby Rock (drums)
Mark Slaughter (lead vocals)

Produced and arranged by Dana Strum & Vinnie Vincent .
Recorded and Mixed at Cherokee Studios, Hollywood, CA.
Drums recorded at the Sunset Landmark Theatre, Hollywood, CA.
Engineered by Mikey Davis.

NOTES for Audio samples :
"All Systems Go" showed promise, but the production was too watered down. 
Listed are some alternate guitar solos from songs from that album as well as some unmixed tracks. A couple of the demos are sung by Vinnie Vincent.

Extra NOTES :
* Various versions of the song "Love Kills" does exist.
The length of "Love Kills" on the original Chrysalis vinyl album and CD version is 5:33. 
This version is also on the Vinnie Vincent Invasion releases by Zoom Club Records.

The length of "Love Kills" vinyl single (7" Edit, Chrysalis CHR/ZCHR 1626) is 3:41. 
On the picture sleeve it can be read "Featured in the movie Nightmare On Elm Street IV". 
You can not hear Freddie Krueger introduce the song on this version. The guitarsolo and the second chorus is gone on this one. Also the two lines "Love's dying sin is just dust in the wind, I face the other side of no tomorrow" (just before the 3rd chorus) has been removed.

A third version of "Love Kills" is on the 2003 remastered CD-version as released by Chrysalis Records manufactured by EMI/Capitol Records. The length of this version of the song is 4:36. The solo is shortened, the same two lines as above are removed and the two lines in the first verse "The pain makes it so hard to understand, You're a lifetime ago but a memory away" is removed too. 


** "Let Freedom Rock" incl. "Star Spangled Banner Intro", which is listed separately on the Japanese release.

*** The original "All Systems Go" CD bonus tracks, "The Meltdown" and "Ya Know - I'm Pretty Shot", are excluded from the Zoom Records release.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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All Systems Go


Vinnie Vincent INVASION

7" single releases
Love Kills


Audio Samples

I Wanna Love You (demo)

Ashes To Ashes (demo)
Burn (demo)
Let Freedom Rock (demo)
That Time Of Year (demo)
Heavy Pettin' (demo)
Ecstacy (demo)
Deeper And Deeper (demo)


Bobby Rock (Blog 2015)

Bobby Rock (KISSfaq 2010)


Mark Slaughter (official)

Dana Strum (official)

Bobby Rock (official)

Bobby Rock (blog)

Bobby Rock (facebook)

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