Matt McCormack - Here We Go Again  

Gene Simmons and Matt McCormack

Matt McCormack
Here We Go Again

Released : 2002 (vocal-track rerecorded may 2003 with Gene Simmons lead vocals)
Produced by : Mark Addision
Time : 40:

01 Lucky Tonight (4:25) M.McCormack
02 Pride  ** (3:02) M.McCormack/ Stax/ R. Carter
03 Weeds (4:35) M.McCormack
04 Easy For You (4:36) M.McCormack/ J.McCormack
05 Grace (4:50) M.McCormack/ W.Sexton
06 Uncomplicated (4:08) M.McCormack/ J.McCormack
07 Misery (4:08) M.McCormack/ Stax/ R. Carter
08 Best Behavior (2:32) M.McCormack/ R. Carter
09 Opening (4:21) M.McCormack/ J.McCormack
10 Angel (4:19) M.McCormack/ J.McCormack

released 2002 by Mattso Tunes

USA : Mattso Tunes - compact disc - (only 800 copies are pressed)

musicians :
Matt McCormack (vocals, guitar) 
Will Sexton (guitar, bass)
Joey Shuffield (drums) 
Ryan Carter (.....)
Stephen Doster (.....)
Nina Singh (drums, percussion)
Mark Addison (everything ???)
Alex Weeden (.....)
Scott Garber (.....)

Produced by Mark Addison.
Recorded at the Slaughterhouse, Austin, TX.

** Extra NOTES :
When Gene Simmons heard the CD "Here We Go Again", he really liked the song "Pride".
He ended up buying the song from Matt McCormack, and flying down to Austin to record it
at the Slaughterhouse Studio, May 2003. 
Gene Simmons took Matt's lead vocals off, and putting his lead vocal on the track. 
He also wrote a new verse or lines in it too. The song is to be featured in the box set "Monster (100 unreleased songs) Gene Simmons".

According to Matt "It was a pleasure working with Gene. The actual physical track of the song (drums, bass, guitar, etc) belongs to Gene Simmons."

That means that the version of "Pride" on the 2002 album "Here We Go Again" is the song and actual music track that will be on Gene's upcoming release.

Matt : "Gene and I also worked on a couple of songs and ideas...hopefully they will see the light of day. I have the version of "Pride" with Gene Simmons on lead vocals...
I am under contract with Gene....and it cannot be heard until its proper release.

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