NEW YORK (from South Carolina)
demo 1988  

Recorded : 1988
Pre Production by : Eric Carr
Time : 00:00

01 Go, Letís Go (4:03) New York
02 Donít Fall (3:48) New York
03 Shoot To Kill (3:42) New York
04 Down On My Knees (0:00)
05 Give And Take (0:00)
06 Head Over Heels (0:00)
07 I Brake 4 Fools (3:32) New York
08 Heart Of Stone (0:00)
09 Being Away (0:00)
10 Electric Thunder (5:17) New York / Eric Carr

USA : unreleased "pre-production" demo

musicians :
J.  (vocals)
Freddy Foster (bass)
Johnny Lover (guitars)
Scott Mills (drums)

ca. 1986 -1987 ; Eric Carr - New York (the band) recording session.
After KISS "Animalize" tour in 1985 Eric Carr started branching out into different projects, like looking for other bands to manage and produce. "New York" was one of the bands he had any involvement with. "New York", featuring 'J' (vocals) Johny 'G' Lover (guitars), Freddie Foster (bass) and Rikk Hanz (drums), released one independent EP "Carry The Torch" in 1985 (Tinker\Grand Slamm Records). After the release of the "Carry The Torch" EP, drummer Rikk Hanz was replaced for Michael Constable. 
Michael Constable quit the band prior to going into Millbrook Studios with Eric Carr.
After setting the band up (with new drummer Scott Mills) in a friends studio in upstate New York (for a quick pre-production), Eric Carr went up there for a day and a half to give the band some advice. At the same time he wrote a song together with the band called "Electric Thunder". 

New York in the studio with Eric Carr! (pic ©New York / pic by Doug Vogel)

from left to right : Paul Orofino (Producer), Freddie Foster, Jimmy Ennis, Eric Carr (KISS), Scott Mills and Johnny Glover.

Thanks to Curt King of Demolish Mag for additional info and permission to use the photo above.

further details unknown

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


Audio Samples 

"Electric Thunder" streams @
(scroll down until a little
 over half the page)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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