The Andrea True Connection 1976
The Andrea True Connection

The Andrea True Connection touring band line up during 1976 :
Andrea True (lead vocals)
Bruce Kulick (guitar)
Joe Barbosa (guitar)
Wolfgang Largomarcini (bass - 1st half of the tour)
Larry Carter (bass - 2nd half of the tour)
Jorge Rodriguez (drums)
Joseph Bersani (keyboards)
Ray Martinez (backing vocals / percussion)
Mark Statleron (horns)
Ken Johnston (horns)

Notes :
Andrea Marie Truden (July 26, 1943 November 7, 2011), better known by her pseudonym Andrea True, was an American pornographic actress and singer from the disco era. In addition to her given name, she had multiple stage names, including Inger Kissin, Singe Low, Sandra Lips, Andrea Travis, and Catherine Warren.

Bruce Kulick joined The Andrea True Connection touring band during 1976.
Bruce Kulick is not involved with any of The Andrea Marie Truden albums listed below.

Andrea Marie Truden have released 3 albums :
- "More, More, More" (Buddah Records 1976) with Gregg Diamond (
Bionic Boogie)
- "White Witch" (Buddah Records 1977)
- "War Machine" (Ricordi International 1980) (sort of Hard Rock album).

Below Andrea Marie Truden performance at Don Kirschner's New Rock Concert as broadcasted September 25, 1976, including future Meat Loaf & Kiss lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, in one of his earliest TV appearance.
Features the songs "More More More", "Party Line", "Fill Me Up".

Thanks to MC Peko and Julian Gill for band details.

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Bruce Kulick (official)

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