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May 3 : DAVE DARROCH - Ripping Through The Covers (KISS tribute)
From : KISS Related Recordings (Ypke Dijkstra)
Out of love for the band Kiss Dave Darroch recorded several instrumental tracks. After that he looked for singers through Singers from around the world contributed. By the end of April 2021 the album entitled "Ripping Through The Covers" saw a limited private release on CD.

Ripping Through The Covers track list :

DAVE DARROCH - Ripping Through The Covers (KISS tribute)01  I Stole Your Love
02  Not For The Innocent
03  Is That You ?
04  Who Wants To Be Lonely
05  Got To Choose
06  Charisma
07  A Million To One
08  Sword And Stone
09  Rocket Ride
10  The Oath
11  Strange Ways
12  Modern Day Delilah
13  Rip It Out
14  Almost Human
15  Makin’ Love

DAVE DARROCH - Ripping Through The Covers - album details

May 1 : Bruce Kulick and The Vegas M.O.B.B. working on new music
From : Bruce Kulick (facebook)

April 30 : "Simmons, Stanley, Frehley, Peter Criss, KISS" tribute song
From : Marceese Kreuzberg (facebook)
German, Hamburg Punk Rock band KLEEN FLITZPIEPE have released a (in German language) single and video of "Simmons, Stanley, Frehley, Peter Criss, KISS", which song is penned by Marceese Trabus, and pays tribute to KISS. Between 2013 and 2020
Marceese released 8 KISS Tribute albums on his own.

digital single order details : Simmons, Stanley, Frehley, Peter Criss, KISS

April 23 : REGGAE KISS - Tears Are Falling feat. Bruce Kulick
From : Reggae Kiss (facebook)

REGGAE KISS - Tears Are Falling feat. Bruce Kulick- details

April 20 : Bruce Kulick's 70's Top 40 band PARADISE
From : Bruce Kulick (facebook)

April 17 : Bruce Kulick steps in to complete BALANCE reunion ....
From : Peppy Castro (facebook)
Peppy Castro is working on a new Balance song called “”The World I Used To Know”.
Along with partner Doug Katsaros, Balance have reunited with Chuck Burgi and now Peppy Castro is happy to announce Bob Kulick's infamous brother Bruce Kulick has stepped up to fill in for Bob to complete the reunion and in honor of.

From : KISS Related Recordings
New York's AOR group BALANCE was formed in 1979 by Peppy Castro (vocals), Bob Kulick (guitars) and Doug Katsaros (keyboards). A year later Bob Kulick and Pepe Castro co-wrote "Naked City" with Gene Simmons and Vini Poncia for KISS' "Unmasked" album. 
BALANCE's self titled debut was released in 1981, and features Paul Stanley's (uncredited) background vocals on the song "Falling In Love".
In 1982 the band released their second album "In For The Count". After a short tour of Japan, Balance calling it quits due to lack of interest from their label and management company.
After the 2006 CD-reissue of "In For The Count", Italian label Frontiers Records inquired about a possible new Balance album. Balance third album "
Equilibrium" was released in 2009 and features original core members Kulick, Castro and Katsaros, along with drummer Brett Chassen, who also co-produced with Bob Kulick, as well as guest spots from Bruce Kulick on bass and Jesse Castro on drums.

April 14 : Cat #1 2nd print 25th Anniversary Edition 2LP vinyl released
From : Jelle Jansen / KISS Related Recordings
On March 1, 2021 Anthony Lombardi of TNT Records have released a 2nd printing of
CRISS 1994 album "Cat #1" (2019) 25th Anniversary Edition 2LP vinyl. The 550 numbered copies of the 2019 released 2LP purple vinyl set is sold out, which made TNT Records to decide to release a 2nd set (of 550 numbered copies again), this time printed on transparent green vinyl.
To order your 2LP green vinyl set contact Anthony Jr. at
CRISS - Cat #1 (2LP green vinyl reissue 2021)

From : Jelle Jansen / KISS Related Recordings (August 2019)
Early 2019 Anthony Lombardi decided to let Paul Tavenner do the remastering for the vinyl release, and from then on it was suggested to release the album as a 2 LP set, including the same bonus tracks as used for the Japanese 2018 CD reisue. Around the same time I was asked about my thoughts, and the first thing what came in mind was, that with a 2LP set you've 4 sides with an opening song, instead of one (on a CD). To be honest, before last year, I hadn't spinned the album in years. I once had the Swedish vinyl picture disc of “Cat #1”, and I wasn’t keen about “Strike” as the first track on the B-side. Thinking back to the 70’s and 80’s vinyl albums, to me the first song on the B-side is/was just as important as the one on the A-side, for example the first song on each side of KISS' "Love Gun" album.
Another album which I thought of was the KISS compilation 4CD set “Ikons” (2008), where each CD features the songs as sung by one of the original members. To me it was cool to have all KISS songs as sung by Ace Frehley or Peter Criss on one separate CD. With these topics in mind I suggested to switch the track order a bit, as well as Anthony was thinking about putting all ballads on one side of the album.

So, for the 2LP
25th Anniversary Edition of CRISS "Cat #1", I decided to put all three songs featuring Ace Frehley together on Side 1.
For side 2 I took all three ballads of the album, except for “Beth”. To me it’s funny the second side still opens with a heavy riff (“The Truth”), before the track turns into a ballad CRISS 2019 2LP creditskind of song. I personally rediscovered “Good Times” as a good song recently, and with “Down With The Sun” all 3 songs together on one side of the vinyl, it turns out you’ll easy recognize the way Peter sings like he did on his 1978 and his early 80’s solo albums.
For side 3, I thought it was best to open with the MTV video single “Show Me”. Besides that, the songs have shared vocals or are sung by Mike Stone. “We Want You” (once) was the last the song of the set list during CRISS 1992 tour, so that's a good reason to close the third side with that particular song.
Because Anthony liked to have “Beth” as the last song on the 1994 album (track order), it was already decided to put that song on side 4. To me it was weird to open that album side with “Beth”, and because “Bad People Burn In Hell” is one of the earliest CRISS band songs demoed (in 1991), I switched that track as the opening song for the fourth side of the album, which also contains "The Cat" and "What You're Doin' “ as bonus tracks, both taken from the 1993 CRISS EP.
I’m sure some will disagree with me, but on the other hand, I think the new track order of this 25th Anniversary Edition of the album is a good way to rediscover CRISS ‘Cat #1, even in a way the mood you’re in.

25th Anniversary Edition 2LP purple vinyl track order.
SIDE 1. (length 14:47)
A1. Bad Attitude (featuring Ace Frehley - lead guitar)
A2. Walk The Line (featuring Ace Frehley - lead guitar)
A3. Blue Moon Over Brooklyn (featuring Ace Frehley - lead guitar)

SIDE 2. (length 14:24)
A1. The Truth
A2. Good Times
A3. Down With The Sun

Side 3. (length 12:47)
A1. Show Me
A2. Strike (near sure this is Mike Stone on vocals)
A3. We Want You

Side 4. (length 14:23)
A1. Bad People Burn In Hell
A2. Beth
A3. The Cat (taken from the 1993 EP)
A4. What You're Doin' (taken from the 1993 EP)

To order your copy contact Anthony Jr. at

CRISS - Cat #1 album details

last update : 2021-05-03

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