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December 4 : CARMINE APPICE : "I have tapes of VINNIE VINCENT when he played with me, before KISS"
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During a recent interview with Eddie Trunk, drummer Carmine Appice discussed working with guitarist Vinnie Vincent prior to him joining KISS, when he was still working under his real name, Vinnie Cusano. Check out the clip below. 

From : KISS Related Recordings
In 1981 Carmine Appice released a solo album which features the Vinnie Vincent co-written song "
Drum City Rocker".

November 17 : Gene Simmons "The Vault" box set page updated
From : KISS Related Recordings
Besides Disk 01 I just added the song length and songwriter credits for DISK 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 and 08.  
CLICK HERE for tracklist - song length - songwriter credits.

For the moment I'm  still missing the song length for Disk 02 and 09 : and full songwriter credits for Disk 02, 09 and 10 .... ????

From :
Hear "Hand Of Fate" from The 'Gene Simmons Vault Experience' Boxset here.

GENE SIMMONS - The Vault - box set detail page

October 30 : KLASSIK'78 "Side Two" - 2nd Kiss inspired digital album
From :
It's that time of year KISS Trick or Treat! KLASSIK '78 "SIDE TWO" (6 new songs) is available NOW (via download only) @
CDbaby !
Info & audio samples @
CDbaby and

KLASSIK '78 (Side Two) is the 2nd "digital download" album of songs written & recorded by KLASSIK '78 in 2017, as a tribute to the iconic musical style of 70's KISS.
Produced by KLASSIK '78 & Mixed by John Shipp. Dedicated to Ace, Gene, Paul & Peter.

KLASSIK '78 - Side Two

October 29 : Bruce Kulick guests on upcoming ZOOPARTY album
From :Zooparty
ZOOPARTY - Lardass 2018 Swedish Punk Rock band Zooparty is happy thrilled and delighted to tell you that the new album is ready and will be released early 2018 on
 Deadlamb Records. The album is called "Lardass" and will have twelve songs who will change the world. The album is produced by Chips Kiesbye, mixed by Henryk Lipp and features very special guests Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Brian James (The Damned) and Bruce Kulick (KISS). More info soon.


October 29 : MARCEESE's 4th KISS Tribute album release date
From : Marceese Kreazberg
MARCEESE - Torpedo Girl MARCEESE's fourth KISS-Tribute album "Torpedo Girl" will be released December 22nd, 2017 via Timezone.

"Torpedo Girl" will feature Americana Folk Rock Blues KISS cover versions of 2000 Man, C'mon and Love Me, Naked City, Kissin' Time. Ladies In Waiting, Love 'Em Leave 'Em, Love Gun, Makin' Love, Two Timer, and Torpedo Girl.

>> CLICK HERE to listen to MARCEESE "Naked City"<<

Previous released KISS Tributed albums by Marceese are,
Baby Driver (2013)", "Have Love, Will Travel (2015)", and "Black Diamond (2016)".

October 8 : Gene Simmons talks The Vault with Eric Miller / podcast
From :
GENE SIMMONS interview by Eric Miller podcastGene Simmons joins Eric Miller in conversation to discuss The Gene Simmons Vault – an amazing collection of 50 years of Gene! We talk about the earliest recording My Uncle Is A Raft from 1966, how he views songwriting from a creative perspective in addition to the business success, he shares details of specific never-before-heard tracks Hunger, Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl, early versions of Journey of 1000 Years, It’s My Life, writing during the Elder and Dynasty years, the history of the tapes involved in compiling this collection, how the book came together, the process he’ll undertake to deliver these to fans that buy them around the world, was anything retouched, whether he and Paul have talked about the future of KISS should one of them choose to step away, what’s next and much more. W’ALLLRIGHT!!

>> CLICK HERE to listen to the interview <<

September 27 : BITERS & Tommy Thayer - Gunning for You
From : KISS Related Recordings
Earache Records have published an unreleased track from BITERS 2017 album 'The Future Ain't What It Used to Be' on
YouTube, entitled "Gunning for You" which is co-written and performed by BITERS and Tommy Thayer (KISS).

BITERS(featuring Tommy Thayer)

September 17 : Queen Of My Nights (with Peppy Castro) confirmed
From : KISS Related Recordings
Peppy Castro just confirmed that the 1980 song "Queen Of My Nights" will be on 

GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault Box set.

September 16 : KRR's temporary list of (demo) songs which possibly will be used for GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault Box set
From : KISS Related Recordings
Just made a list of all (demo-) songs which possibly will be used for

GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault Box set. This list of Gene Simmons (demo) songs is temporary until the final track list is revealed !!!!



From :
Gene Simmons here.
You Might think you know all about me, but believe or not there's more ...

GENE SIMMONS The Vault promo video >>click here<<

After years of being in the spotlight with KISS, I've decided it's time to share another side with you, a more personal one. With The Vault I've created a 50-year time capsule, a soundtrack to my life, filled with songs I've written, but never have been able to share until now. That's 150 songs that I've kept tucked away, waiting for the right moment, tracks with artists like Bob Dylan, Eddie and Alex Van Halen, Joe Perry and of course, my bandmates from KISS. As an obsessive music fan and collector myself, I've packed The Vault with exclusive mementos created just for The Vault - a new action figure, an "In Gene We Trust" oversized commemorative coin, a deluxe 160-page book with dozens of unseen photos from my personal collection and track-by-tack commentary on every song included - and a one-of-a-kind gift from my very own archive.

With The Vault, I'm inviting you and guest to join me on a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I will personally hand you your very own Vault in your area and we'll take a deeper look at the unheard and unseen side of my legacy.

GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault Experience  - COMING SOON

GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault Experience

last update : 2017-12-10

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GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault 10 CD Boxset

1966 - 2016 The Vault

MARCEESE : Torpedo Girl (2017)

MARCEESE      December 22, 2017
Torpedo Girl (KISS Tribute)

KLASSIK '78 : Side Two (2017)

KLASSIK '78             Oct. 30 2017
Side Two (KISS inspired)

DEBBY HOLIDAY : Free2B (2017)

DEBBY HOLIDAY     Oct. 10 2017
Free2B (Bruce Kulick)


10x10 (Eric Singer)
   Sept. 29 2017

BITERS& Tommy Thayer - Gunning for You (2017)

BITERS         September 27, 2017
Gunning for You (Tommy Thayer)

BOB KULICK : Skeletons In The Closet (2017)

BOB KULICK  September 15, 2017
Skeletons In The Closet (Bruce K.)

WARRIOR 1982 (official release 2017)

WARRIOR     September 15, 2017
Warrior 1982 (Vinnie Vincent)

ACE FREHLEY - Anomaly 2017 deluxe editiom

ACE FREHLEY      October 6, 2017
Anomaly - deluxe edition 2017

The WIRES - Tonight (2017)

The WIRES          August 19, 2017
Tonight (Bruce Kulick)

Dreams in the Witch House: Fevered Dreams from the Witch House

Fevered Dreams (Bruce Kulick)

CRONZELL - Rock & Roll Keeps You Young (2017)

CRONZELL (Kulick)  Aug.8, 2017
Rock & Roll Keeps You Young

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CD deluxe (2017)

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