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April 3 : CRISS Cat # 1 digital release - IMPORTANT UPDATE
From : KISS Related Recordings
On January 26, 2018 Tony Nicole Tony Records released CRISS "Cat # 1" as a digital release, available for download at, iTunes among other digital providers like Spotify, Deezer, eMusic.

CRISS - Cat # 1The digital newly released version of CRISS "Cat # 1" has been converted from the original Ampex reels to give the fans the unfiltered, raw and authentic sound that we know real fans can appreciate. By accident the January 26, 2018 digital release contains an early (master-) version of "Blue Moon Over Brooklyn" without Ace Frehley on guitar. This version is now removed from all digital providers and replaced March 16 with the version which features Ace Frehley on guitar.

From : Mega Music Distribution and Management

Jason Stokes

Chief Executive Officer

Dear Mr. Jelle Jansen,

Greetings from Mega Music Distribution and Management. As the distributor of the Cat #1 album by Peter Criss we felt that we owed you as well as all of the honorable and loyal Peter Criss fans an explanation concerning the newly released version of Peter Criss's Cat#1 album. Mr. Anthony Lombardi owner of TNT Records and rights holder of the Cat 1 album by Peter Criss has informed us of a few grievances concerning this release. On behalf of Mr. Anthony Lombardi, TNT Records and Mega Music Distribution and Management we would like to state that the previous Compact Disk and other releases other than digital are actually the remixed versions. The digital newly released version has been converted from the original Ampex reels to give the fans the unfiltered, raw and authentic sound that we know real fans can appreciate. The 2 seconds before play is the breath the band takes after record is pressed by the engineer, the dialogue from Peter is raw and unedited, the tune after Beth is the band so enthusiastic after recording they just kept vibing into a new tune. There is no sound distortion, what you are hearing is the original master.

To exterminate any confusion we are in the process of labeling the new release as (Original Master) It could possibly take between 14 -30 days before the new label is added to all of the digital networks but we just felt that it is our responsibility to keep you informed and express our dedication to always have the fans best interest in mind.

If there are any fans out there that you can reach that have downloaded the incorrect version of the Cat #1 album without Ace Frehley's guitar solo, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Anthony Lombardi at with proof of purchase and he will gladly send them a free download of the correct version with Ace Frehley's guitar solo. We would like to thank you Mr. Jelle Jansen for your expertise in rock music and bringing attention to the situation and contacting Mr. Lombardi to bring about a solution.

read letter in PDF  CLICKING HERE

below CRISS Cat #1 Ampex Reels used for the 2018 digital release.

CRISS : Cat # 1 album details

CRISS - Cat # 1March 25 : CRISS Cat # 1 digital release
From : KISS Related Recordings
Looks Tony Nicole Tony Records are back on track with the digital release of CRISS "Cat # 1". Since January 26, 2018 the album is available for download at and iTunes.

Tony Nicole Tony Records is also planning a vinyl reissue of the album later this year.

CRISS : Cat # 1 album details

February 17 : Gene Simmons Band performed "The Vault" songs live
From : KISS Related Recordings /
KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons played his solo song "Are You Ready", as well as KISS' "She's So European" and "It's My Life" live for the first time ever during his February 16 concert at the Lynn Auditorium in Lynn, Massachusetts.
Fan-filmed video footage of the performance can be seen below (courtesy of Mike Brunn).

"It's My Life" was originally written by Gene and Paul Stanley and demoed for KISS's 1982 album, "Creatures Of The Night", but it did not make the final record. It was later re-recorded for 1998's "Psycho Circus", but once again found itself excluded from a KISS album for which it was recorded.

Gene's original demo version of "It's My Life" is one of the tracks featured on his recently released, massive collection "
Gene Simmons - The Vault Experience: 1966-2016", which celebrates the KISS co-founder's 50 years in music.

A different version of "It's My Life" was included on "
W.O.W", the debut solo studio album by THE PLASMATICS singer Wendy O. Williams, which was produced by Simmons and released in 1984 by Passport Records.

Regarding how "It's My Life" came to be recorded by Williams, Gene said: "KISS had taken out THE PLASMATICS, featuring Wendy O. Williams on lead vocals. During one of the shows, Wendy came up and said that she wanted to do a solo record and would I like to produce her. And I said, 'Sure. I think it'd be a great idea. But if I'm gonna produce you, I'm gonna decide everything. I'm gonna decide which songs you record, and if you don't have the songwriting talent within the band, then I'll get you the songs, or I'll write some stuff for you. But the songs have to be first and foremost.'"

Gene Simmons Band Setlist
at The Lynn Memorial Auditorium, Lynn, MA, USA,  February 16, 2018

Gene Simmons Setlist 2018-02-16 Lynn, MA- Deuce
- Shout It Out Loud
- Are You Ready (from "The Vault"/ live debut)
- Parasite
- Calling Dr. Love
- Do You Love Me
- Almost Human
- Long Tall Sally (Little Richard cover)
- I
- Help! (The Beatles cover)
- I Love It Loud
- War Machine
- Strutter (with Gary Cherone of Extreme)
- Sweet Pain
- She's So European (first time ever played)
- Charisma (stopped briefly because Gene forgot the Lyrics)
- It’s My Life (from "The Vault"/ live debut)
- Rock and Roll All Nite

February 10 : New Ace Frehley studio CD will be out the end of April
From :
According to Ace Frehley's facebook his new studio CD will be out by the end of April.

February 9 : Bruce Kulick guests on upcoming ZOOPARTY album
From : KISS Related Recordings /Thorbjörn Brorsson
ZOOPARTY - Lardass 2018 October 2017 it was mentioned here that Swedish Punk Rock band ZOOPARTY is happy thrilled and delighted to tell you that the new album is ready and will be released early 2018 on
Deadlamb Records.

The ZOOPARTY album "Lardass" will be released on vinyl LP February 18, 2018.

"Lardass" and will have twelve songs who will change the world. The album is produced by Chips Kiesbye, mixed by Henryk Lipp and features very special guests Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Brian James (The Damned) and Bruce Kulick (KISS).

purchase ZOOPARTY "Lardass" CLICKING HERE.

ZOOPARTY facebook

February 8 : Klassik ’78 have limited edition CDs available
From :
Good news for fans of non-digital based music as KISS 70's inspired KLASSIK ’78 have both their 2017 EP's - "Side One" and "Side Two" - available in limited edition physical CD's titled "The Unoriginals" for sale on their website.

The following was posted on
Klassik ’78‘s Facebook page yesterday:

“By request, KLASSIK ’78 have made “Limited Edition” KLASSIK ’78 CDs and T-Shirts available for purchase online. The CD titled “KLASSIK ’78 – THE UNORIGINALS” contains all of the songs from the “Side One” & “Side Two” EP downloads on one disc). Rock & Roll!

KLASSIK ’78 Store link  : (or click image below)

purchase KLASSIK '78 CD here

purchase KLASSK'78 CD

January 27 : Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley song titles revealed ..
From : KISSfaq
Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley revealed at the Miami Vault Experience that the two songs they did for Ace Frehley's next album are “Your Wish is My Command” and “I’m Nothing Without You”.

January 20 : VINNIE VINCENT "Archives" box set  ...
From : KISS Related Recordings
VINNIE VINCENT : Archives (originally planned for a 1998 release)On Friday, January 19, 2018 former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent gave his first public interview in more than two decades at the Atlanta KISS Expo.
During the Q&A the "
Archives box set" was mentioned :
Vinnie Vincent responded : "I am so sorry that I caused you to stop believing in me." Says he has been working to finish it over the last three months and hopes to finish it in 2018.
"Everyone who did buy it will get two copies and some really nice personal gifts from me as a thank you, and an 'I'm sorry, please forgive me' gift."

One of the other topics was that Vinnie Vincent's 1991/1992 co-written song "I Wanna Live" appears on Gene Simmons "
The Vault".
Vinnie Vincent : "I have an e-mail address that I hadn’t checked in about five years. It was an e-mail I only used for certain things that were going on business-wise, and once that business was done, I never checked it anymore. I don’t know what caused me to do this - forces sometimes, they compel you to do something, you don’t know why - Christmas night, I said, ‘I better check this e-mail, just to see if it’s still there.’ I see three e-mails from Gene. I say, ‘Isn’t that great? How nice. I wonder what I did wrong now. [Laughs] I wonder what he’s yelling me at for now.’ I’m looking at the dates of these e-mails, and they’re from June and July. This is Christmas night. I opened it up and it had to do with [Simmons‘s recently released box set] ‘The Vault’. We had written a lot of songs during the ‘Revenge’ era, and I think there’s one on there — one of my favorite songs, my own personal favorite songs, ‘I Wanna Live’. This was June; he sent me another one two weeks later and gets no answer from me. Then he sends me another one in July, and there’s no answer from Vinnie, basically about the same thing. I said, I bet that’s why he’s mad at me. I read all three e-mails, and I said [imitates typing], ‘I love you; I miss you; come on home,’ you know? Then we started emailing again. He said, ‘I’d like to have ‘I Wanna Live’ on ‘The Vault’, and invited me to Nashville and receive it on stage and to meet each other again. I said to him, ‘Listen, you said some stuff about me — come on, we’re past this.’ I said, ‘I just want you to know, I still love you. I always will. We had a lot of good things. Let’s move on.’ The e-mail vibe was great.”

On whether he accepted the invitation to appear at Simmons‘s Nashville stop of his promotional tour in support of “The Vault”, which will take place on April 14:

Vinnie: “Absolutely. I will show up for him.”

January 14 - 26 : GENE SIMMONS The Vault albums reviewed ...
From : Sonny Pooni
GENE SIMMONS 1966 - 2016 The Vault 10 CD BoxsetAn unbelievable opportunity of a lifetime presented itself and I had the honor of meeting the powerful and attractive…. The Demon himself…. Gene Simmons during the Los Angeles Gene Simmons Vault Experience. Over several installments, I will be sharing parts of my incredible story and reviewing all 11 discs from the newly released Gene Simmons Vault. Some reviews will be on and some on (since I am a staff writer for both, I had to share the love).

The Vault Disc 01 album review
The Vault Disc 02 album review
The Vault Disc 03 album review
The Vault Disc 04 album review
The Vault Disc 05 album review
The Vault Disc 06 album review
The Vault Disc 07 album review
The Vault Disc 08 album review
The Vault Disc 09 album review
The Vault Disc 10 album review
The Vault Disc 11 / bonus disc album review

GENE SIMMONS The Vault details

January 5 : Gene SIMMONS The Vault - Full Tracklist Revealed!
From :
We know you've been waiting patiently... without further adieu, here's the complete track-listing for all 10 discs and the bonus disc. Over 150 songs revealed!

click image to enlarge

Disk 1

Disk 2

Disk 3

Disk 4

Disk 5

Disk 6

Disk 7

Disk 8

Disk 9

Disk 10

Bonus Disk

GENE SIMMONS The Vault details

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   Sept. 29 2017

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BITERS         September 27, 2017
Gunning for You (Tommy Thayer)

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BOB KULICK  September 15, 2017
Skeletons In The Closet (Bruce K.)

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